Tips for hosting fun football parties this fall

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. That means changes to the leaves, crisper air, and of course, the start of football season. Many people love throwing get-togethers for their kids who play high school football during this time. But even casual football fans also love throwing parties for Saturday and Sunday viewings of the big game.

Read on for some great tips for hosting a football-themed party this fall:

Snacks are key
On game day, snacks are kind of a big deal. You'll definitely want to keep plenty of bowls filled with easy-to-eat foods that your guests can grab. Chips and salsa, popcorn and nuts are all excellent options.

Go with a theme
While the game is fun in and of itself, there's no reason why you can't add a playful theme to up the ante. MyRecipes suggested taking the two cities that are playing on game day and pitting their local cuisines against one another. For instance, you could feature Cajun-style gumbo and buffalo wings if New Orleans and Buffalo are playing. Or if it's a college game, you could have barbecue to represent Southern teams or plenty of cheese, brats and sausage to represent Midwestern schools.

Pair it up
MyRecipes also suggested beer pairings with each appetizer you serve, and this idea makes total sense. After all, game day and drinking a beer or two definitely go hand in hand. For instance, serve your favorite Mexican beers if you're setting up a taco bar, or pour German brews if you're firing up some brats on the grill.

Want to know one way to really amp up the game-day experience? Create your own custom party invitations for your football shindig. You can even personalize the invitations for any theme you want, even sports-related occasions.