How to preserve greeting cards

Greeting cards are often filled with special, meaningful messages from loved ones that we want to preserve. Though our greeting cards are sturdy and can stand a season displayed on the mantle, the nature of paper is subject to wear and tear over time, especially if it's left unprotected. Additionally, you may have bought greeting cards in bulk and want to keep them safe until the next holiday season. You can't hand out a card to a friend or family member that is bent from being stuffed in a drawer or has a stain from this morning's coffee, so you need to make sure your cards are kept in a secure, dry place. Here are some tips for preserving your greeting cards:

Make a card box
If the greeting cards are secured in a card box, you can keep the box anywhere without worrying about damaging your happy birthday cards and sympathy messages. With a plastic container, you can be sure the greeting cards will be safe, even if they are stored on a cold, damp floor in the basement.

However, another resourceful option is to repurpose the box the greeting cards came in, according to ThriftyFun. Reuse a card that was given to you to make a creative lid cover. Not only does this add a fun flare to the box, but it will allow you to identify the container without opening it. Attach the card to the lid by outlining it like a frame with white duct tape. Run the tape around the entire box to protect the cardboard and make it sturdier. Once you're finished, you'll always know where to find those extra greeting cards.

Make a scrapbook
Keep your memories close to your heart by making a scrapbook out of all the greeting cards you've received through the years. You can be as creative or simple as you want with this project. If you just want to have your special messages available for when you need a quick pick-me-up, keep the cards folded and stick them into a binder's plastic sleeves that you can easily flip through. You can also use this effortless method to store greeting cards you haven't used yet.

On the other hand, if you want to capitalize on this crafting opportunity, create a scrapbook page for each message. Open up the greeting card, and paste it – message side up – to paper. Then, decorate the pages with stickers or photos of the person who sent you the card. You can organize the scrapbook chronologically, by holiday or by the sender.

Go digital
If you simply have no space for all the greeting cards you've received, you can save them on your computer. Scan both sides of the card to preserve the cover and the message. Store the images on a flash drive or CD, so you can save space but also access them whenever you want.

Whether you're holding onto memories or just keeping extra greeting cards on hand, take the time to keep the cards safe.