How to boost employee morale

According to a study by Warwick Business School, happy employees are 12 percent more productive than the average worker. Employee incentive programs improve motivation, boost morale and promote teamwork. It’s important to keep employees satisfied not just to increase productivity, but to keep them on the job. Turnover costs can be detrimental to the finances of any business. Therefore, it’s pivotal that employers and human resources services enforce the necessity of programs to boost employee morale. Contrary to popular belief, staff incentives don’t have to be expensive. Here are three low-cost ways to keep your workers happy:

1. Show gratitude
A cost efficient method to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work is to simply say thank you. There are several ways to do this, some more meaningful than others. For example, you can stop by their desk and tell them you are proud of the accomplishments they’ve completed on the company’s latest projects. This is a good solution if you’re looking for a transition to discuss their job performance.

On the other hand, thank you cards are a simple way to display gratitude, and it shows that you put time and thought into the gesture. A handwritten note necessitates personalization and planning, so your employees know that this demonstration of appreciation wasn’t just an in-the-moment decision. Points of recognition such as this will motivate your workers to push harder and excel in the future because they know their work won’t go unnoticed.

Another meaningful way to say thank you is to do it publicly. Consider sending out a company-wide email or posting a thank you note on your business’s social media sites. A word of caution: Consider the employee’s personality before publicly recognizing him or her. Some might be embarrassed, or the gesture could create competitive tension in the workplace. However you decide to say thank you, there should use thoughtful consideration before you implement the method.

2. It’s the little things
Boosting employee morale goes beyond just rewarding them for work achievements. Every day, your workers are overcoming obstacles or celebrating victories in their personal lives. A great way to show that you value your employees is to share their enthusiasm. Hand out birthday cards or allow workers to bring in baked goods. Just showing that you remembered will make a positive difference for them. Throw holiday parties and give your staff an opportunity to share the wins in their lives. Knowing that the workplace isn’t just about work can be a stress reliever, making employees happier and more productive.

3. Gift of experience
You can also show appreciation or reward accomplishments in the workplace by giving something other than a physical prize. For example, you could give top-performing employees the opportunity to work from home. This move is doubly beneficial. Not only do workers see that their efforts are recognized, but allowing employees to work from home is a morale booster in itself. Working from home provides employees a sufficient balance between work and their personal lives. It eliminates the time and money involved with commuting and presents your staff with the opportunity to take a break from the office.

Another experience-related option for boosting employee morale is for the employer to take a deserving staff member out to lunch. Not only does a free lunch reward their hard work, but it also opens up an opportunity to check in with your employees. Take advantage of this opportunity by asking about what motivates them and how you can develop a better reward system.

Boosting employee morale is both important and simple. By integrating these ideas into your HR strategies, you can effectively keep your staff happy and productive.