How businesses can use photo cards

When you envision photo cards, you might think back to holiday greetings and engagement announcements. However, businesses can include images in their correspondences, too. In fact, depending on your line of work, photos can really help sell your product or service, making them a savvy addition to business and greeting cards. Here's some more info:

Show off your work
The product or service your company provides is at the core of your business, so show it off. Especially if you're in a field that utilizes imagery, photo cards can help your marketing efforts. For instance, interior designers can print images of some of their favorite rooms on the backs of their business cards. Entice potential and returning customers with high-quality images.

Of course, this comes with some caveats. Make sure any photos you include are among your best work. After all, greeting cards are meant to be sent. Additionally, plan what type of cards you want to make and where you'll use them carefully. Here are some ideas:

Make a good first impression
When networking, business cards help you make connections. For this reason, you want yours to stand out. Consider using the backside of your card to display your latest and greatest work. Architects might use a photo of a recently completed design. Artists could include a custom drawing. If your position lends itself to imagery, you can leverage it.

Pro tip: Choose an image that has some negative space where new acquaintances can write notes about you or your business. If you have a photo featuring a white room, you're on the right track.

Of course, many professionals also choose to include a photo of themselves on their business cards. This helps the people you meet better recall conversations you had at a networking event – many people are better at remembering faces than names.

Reach out to former clients
If your company works project by project, you might have a few clients you haven't spoken to since your last job. Make sure they don't forget about you by updating them on what your company has been doing. 

For instance, you can add a collage of a recent project to a photo card to immediately grab your client's attention. Inside the card, talk about those projects, and express a desire to work with the individual again. This approach is also ideal when you launch a new product. Tell your loyal customers all about it, and let them see what it looks like.

Have fun internally
Have an upcoming company party? Want to celebrate your office culture? Photo cards can help in that department, too. Send holiday party invites that feature fun photos from the year before or of the venue where you'll be going. This can get employees excited and offer information about what the location looks like.

Another fun use of company pictures, a photo calendar with images of your office and employees can add a personal touch to a cubical or common area.