DIY card box ideas

If you’re the guest of honor at a birthday party or graduation celebration, you’re probably excited about all the thoughtful messages you’ll receive. However, between making small talk, setting up food and decorations, and just being a good host, you may not have enough time to gather all of the greeting cards you’ll be receiving. A card box solves this problem. It simply serves as a greeting card drop box, stationed conveniently amid the party decor. With the growing popularity of DIY projects, we’re seeing more and more creativity among card-box designs. Check out these fun ideas for card boxes you can make for your next celebration:

Small suitcase
A graduation represents your transition to the next stage of life’s journey. Represent the traveling aspect of graduation by using a small suitcase as your card box. Be sure to label the box with a sign or banner that reads, “cards.” This way, guests will know the open suitcase has a functional purpose and is not just for decoration.

Tiered cake
One of the most well-known symbols for weddings is the classic tiered cake. If you’re getting married, recreate this pivotal matrimony icon by turning your card box into a multi-level storage unit. You’ll need three different-sized boxes for this DIY project. Place the largest box on the bottom and use progressively smaller boxes as you work your way to the top. Cut holes into the tops and bottoms of the boxes so that cards can be dropped into the top tier and fall to the bottom of the stack.  Also, leave an open slit on the very top tier. This way, guests can drop their envelopes in the open slot and all three boxes will hold the cards.

Incorporate elements of your wedding into the card box cake. For example, you can paint the boxes to match the theme of your reception or simply make the boxes look like your wedding cake. The Knot suggests using hat boxes to achieve rounded edges.

A present
Match the celebratory vibe of a birthday party by turning your card box into a wrapped present. Simply wrap a box in your favorite colored wrapping paper, and cut a slit in the top for guests to drop the birthday cards. You can dress it up with some ribbon and confetti. Just be sure to label your card box so guests don’t confuse it with another gift.

Instead of trying to host a party and handle gifts, make a greeting card drop box. Guests will enjoy the extra decor, and you’ll appreciate the convenience.