5 time-saving tips for letter and card writing

Writing letters and cards is fun, but it seems like there is always something that hinders you from completing the task. There are a lot of factors that can stop you from getting that card in the mail, from distractions to not knowing what to write about. To keep yourself motivated to finish the letter, try picturing how excited your friend or loved one is going to be to get that card in the mail. If that doesn’t work, then try implementing a few of these other tips for writing letters and cards.

1. Find a writing place
A lot of writers enjoy sitting in a nice coffee shop or park when working on various stories. These places are usually better than sitting at home in the living room because they don’t have quite as many distractions. You should treat your letter writing the same way an author or journalist approaches the task because you’re telling a story to the recipient of the message. Eliminating interruptions and finding a peaceful setting for your writing will help you focus on the task and complete the letter or card.

2. Keep a journal
Coming up with topic ideas can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Often, you’ll think of a good idea during work or some other activity when you’re away from your card and then forget about it later. Keeping a journal or notebook on hand will help you jot down your thoughts and ideas as they arise so you can remember them later.

3. Get personalized stationery
Lined paper is fine when you’re in a tight spot, but if you have the time, order yourself some personalized stationery. Spotting the new cards on your desk will inspire you to keep writing to people because you’ll want to show off your new material. Other items that go along with card writing, like ink stamps and embossers, can also make the task more fun because you can add unique decorations to each individual card or letter.

4. Buy stamps
Go to your local post office and get yourself a book of forever stamps that you can keep in your desk drawer. A lack of postage delays letter sending way too often, so keep this necessity on hand at all times. Forever stamps are the best ones to purchase because they will always be accepted at the post office, and you have a variety of stamp choices to choose from. For example, there are forever stamps decorated with flags, flowers, birds and more. So, select the stamps that fit your personality and use the whole book.

5. Mark the calendar
If you want to be better at sending correspondences to loved ones, then set yourself reminders on your calendar. Choose a couple dates a month that you will go to the coffee shop to do your writing. Set reminders in your phone and on your office calendar about the days you will be writing so you don’t forget. Blocking these times out on all of your calendars will let everyone else know not to disturb you as well. Women’s LifeStyle notes that seeing these times as events instead of chores will make them more enjoyable.