Business card trends to try this quarter

Just as there are trends in small-business software and product design, so too do business card styles come in and out of fashion. Of course, the traditional rectangular card with clear information is always a solid go-to, but if you're looking to bring some wow into your cards, check out the latest trends in the market. Here are just a few vogue designs sure to catch the eye of those you network with:

Mixing finishes
Many business cards come with the option of matte or gloss finishes, but modern designs are pushing the envelope by incorporating both. This trend allows you to use a simple color palette and still provide variety. For instance, you can make the background matte but your company logo glossy. This brings attention to the logo, as it reflects light.

Combining finishes is also a great way to subtly draw attention to something in the card. While not as eye-popping as contrasting colors (i.e., black against white), mixing finishes is still useful. The technique can be applied to a border, logo, background design, text, etc. 

Square cards
Rectangles may be the standard business card shape, but new silhouettes are making waves. Everything from cards shaped like your company logo to a simple square are budding up in networking events. Uniqueness is the main benefit of going square – with one glance, others know your cards are different. Even after stacking a bunch of business cards together after an event, yours will stick out of the group. This ensures potential clients and partners go back to your information – it's hard not to when your card physically grabs their attention.

Embossed designees add visual and tactile texture that is both appealing to look at and fun to touch. When you hand someone an embossed card, their natural reaction will be to feel it. As with square designs, this will help your card stand out from the rest. What's more, textures add elegance and luxury, allowing you to state your brand identity without using a single word. Things you can emboss on your cards include your logo, lettering, outlines and more – basically, anything is up for grabs.

You can use photos any number of ways in your business cards, but two trends are prevalent: headshots and product images. Including headshots right on your business cards lets your potential clients put names and faces together. It's easy to forget who gave you a card if you haven't seen him or her for a while, and including your portrait prevents that issue.

Product images, on the other hand, make your business the star. They show off your latest and greatest projects to entice potential customers. This is an especially beneficial trend for companies that have attractive products, whether they're blueprints, interior designs, home goods or otherwise. 

Before your next networking event, consider updating your company business cards. You can try one of these trends or test out a new idea of your own.