Write to future moments in life

Greeting cards can be used for sending a variety of messages, from thank yous to congratulations. Usually, these cards are sent to discuss news that has recently occurred or will be happening soon. People rarely think about writing notes intended to be read years later. However, writing future cards can be fun and have a special meaning for people who receive them.

Open-when letters
Cards are meant to contain thoughtful messages and sometimes it’s nice to have one available for a time when you’re feeling discouraged. Open-when letters are great for these occasions because you can choose one from a pile to give yourself a little motivation. These cards can be used for a lot of different situations and events surrounding your loved ones. For instance, if your child is going off to college some ideas could be:

Open when…

  • You’re missing home
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed
  • You get a bad grade
  • You get a good grade
  • You need some motivation

College is not the only scenario in which these letters work. Other options could include long-distance relationships, your friend is moving or maybe you want reminders about certain goals so you write them to yourself. The possibilities are endless with this form of communication.

Future milestones
Illness is a common factor in life, but sometimes that sickness can become terminal. If this occurs, one way to help ease loved ones’ pain is to write letters to them that should be opened during special milestones. A woman from Wisconsin who was dying of cancer decided to do this for her 4-year-old daughter, ABC News reported. A year ago, Heather McManamy’s cancer was diagnosed as terminal, and it was at this time McManamy started thinking of all the events she was going to miss in her daughter’s life.

To make up for the important moments McManamy anticipated missing, she collected over 40 different greeting cards. On the inside of these letters she wrote her daughter advice and other messages to be opened as her child got older.

Leaving behind these personal notes is a way for people to leave loved ones with a physical message they can cherish and hold onto for years to come. If you want to do something similar, consider finding fun congratulations cards for various life events. Even if you’re not sick, think about giving friends and family a letter saying how much you love and appreciate them. They’ll enjoy the note and be reminded of their connection to you every time they look at it.

Time capsule
Composing a letter for a time capsule is a little bit different than writing to specific events, but it can still be just as meaningful. First, determine who is going to be reading this letter five or more years down the road. If it’s you, then write a letter to your future self that contains your dreams and aspirations for your life at that time. Provided you’re expecting someone else to read the letter, include information about popular music or events that are happening right now. A fun bit of information to add is a prediction of certain events, like who you think will be the next president. People will probably be amused by your answers, if anything.

Sometimes friends and loved ones need a little pick-me-up. Cards and letters are the perfect way to send an inspiring message to a person, and the best part is recipients can come back to it again and again if they want to.