The importance of handwriting in the modern world

The importance of handwriting is a widely debated topic in today’s tech-filled world. Some people consider the skill obsolete, as it’s so easy to type a message or call someone using phones or computers. However, the art of writing messages by hand is not completely irrelevant and should be preserved for a variety of reasons. If you’re wondering why it needs to be protected, here are a few examples of how handwriting skills impact the modern world:

Marketing appeal
Brands everywhere are trying to reach customers through handwritten, personal messages. Have you ever stopped to admire a coffee shop’s decorative chalkboard, and then gone inside to try its products? This is the perfect example of branding efforts that draw in customers. According to Maclean’s Magazine, millennials in particular appreciate an authentic vibe, and there’s nothing more genuine than a handwritten message.

Written copy also comes in handy when businesses are trying to reach out to prospective customers. Companies often use postcards to let people know about upcoming deals and events. A handwritten address or note with the card makes the marketing material have more of an impact.

Job opportunities
If you have excellent handwriting abilities, you could consider a job as a calligrapher. In this position, people create attractive stationery and lettering for various companies and materials. A popular use of these skills is also to create wedding invitations or award certificates. You could use your talents to get hired at a graphic design firm or supplement your income as a freelance calligrapher.

Aside from being a calligrapher, good handwriting proficiency can impact a job opportunity in other ways, as well. For instance, if you decide to send thank you cards to prospective employers and your handwriting is messy, this will send a poor message to the companies. Employers may think you didn’t put much effort into your notes and view your writing as unprofessional. This would greatly hinder your chances of getting hired.

On the flip side, if you have beautiful cursive handwriting, your thank you note could stand out to employers. They will be impressed with your neat script and more likely to remember your message in the future because it stood out from the rest. The next time you start to write a thank you to a prospective employer, consider adding a little embellishment to the envelope to gain more attention.

Personal touch
Overall, writing messages by hand adds more of a personal touch to any type of card, whether you’re dropping a line to say hello or exchanging a letter. Technology is fast, but a handwritten note shows you were willing to dedicate your time to writing a note for a specific person. People will be able to see your character and hold onto that thoughtful piece of mail for years to come.

The idea that handwriting is obsolete is far from the truth, so take a moment to express your affection for someone today by writing him or her a letter.