Leave a legacy behind with a letter

In the past, letter writing was one of the main forms of communication, especially between military couples. Soldiers would write home to wives and loved ones to let them know they were safe, and in turn, family members would inform husbands and sons about what was happening at home. These letters would become treasured mementos if a loved one died in the line of duty, allowing children to connect with a parent they lost or wives to remember a sweetheart.

In some cases, these valuable notes are misplaced and family members miss out on the opportunity to gain insight into a beloved family member. However, occasionally, the messages find their way home and the words are shared with those who deserve to hear it. For instance, a man by the name of Michael Campbell recently received letters that his father had sent to his mother while away at war, USA Today reported. Campbell never knew his father, who was killed on a ship while serving in World War II, but the letters gave him the chance to discover a little bit more about who his father was.

The letters were found in a condemned house along with a Purple Heart. The family does not know how these items came to be in the house, but Campbell is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the father he never met.

Why you should write letters
Many families have found solace and closure through old letters written by loved ones. These notes capture a moment in time that families can look back on and cherish into the future. In today’s digital world, it can be easy to accidentally delete thoughtful message or allow it to become buried in a pile of junk email.

Express your affection for loved ones by sending them a handwritten note on personalized stationery. The message feels more personal when it’s been recorded on a physical sheet of paper because the recipient realizes you put forth an extra effort to handwrite the letter, get a stamp and put it in the mail. With everything automated today and people so focused on saving time, your dedication to the message will make it even more special.

Exchanging snail mail with people also allows you to express feelings and ideas that have otherwise been difficult to articulate. Writing things out gives you the chance to really think through exactly what you want to say without the pressure of an immediate response. If you’ve been struggling to tell someone how you feel or want to share creative thoughts with a friend, write it down in a letter.

Letters are also a great way to reconnect with an old friend or learn about a distant family member you’d like to know better. Deepen personal connections through your writing and give people an item to appreciate for years to come. Write_On sees letters as an opportunity to leave behind a legacy. Who knows, maybe your letters will outlast you and be treasured by future family members the way Campbell cherishes the notes from his father.