Famous letters sold at auction

Handwritten letters hold meaning beyond kind words and a thoughtful message – they can make history. More people are seeing the value of a message written in longhand because the dying art reveals a unique and intimate insight on the writer’s personality and views of just about everything. That’s why they are selling so well at auctions. Check out these famous letter writers and how their messages are creating history:

Albert Einstein
Einstein is making yet another appearance in the greeting card industry. A project aiming to replicate Einstein’s handwriting through a digital font was launched by two innovative designers in June, 2015. However, the love for Einstein and his intelligent penmanship didn’t stop there. That same month, in a separate event, several letters written by the famous genius were auctioned off, fetching more than $420,000.

A total of 27 letters, both handwritten and created with a typewriter, by Einstein were auctioned in California. The letters came from a private collection, and the individual messages sold for between $6,875 to $62,500, according to History.com. Though much is known about his great mind and intelligence, the letters tell of a more intimate insight into his personality, thoughts and demeanor. For example, in one letter, Einstein revealed his parenting style by urging his son to study harder in geometry. In another, he divulged his approach to friendship by delivering encouraging words to a female friend whose husband had not been faithful to her.

Errol Flynn
Though he starred in Hollywood flicks such as “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” “The Seahawk” and “Captain Blood,” Errol Flynn’s most notable performance was his leading role in “The Adventures of Robin Hood” in the 1930s. His career in these blockbusters made him a significant movie icon, but his fame wasn’t enough to win over the heart of Marjorie Bickham. A series of love letters written in 1934 reveal Flynn’s attempts to woo the artist whom he affectionately called “Margy.” Even though he wrote several letters to this mystery woman, he ended up marrying his first wife, French actress Lili Damita just a year later.

The letters were kept by Bickham’s great niece, who was not sure what to do with the interesting collection of love letters. According to Mirror, Bickham’s family believed Flynn’s fondness may not have been entirely reciprocated. In fact, Bickham hardly mentioned the letters to her family at all. Bickham may not have seen the value in these thoughtful messages, but the bidders of a recent auction certainly did. The collection was sold for $1,555 at the Fieldings Auctioneers in ​the U.K.

Sympathy, congratulations and birthday cards not only deliver heartfelt words in the moment, but they can also provide a unique glance at history in the future. Send a lasting message with a greeting card for your next celebration.