10 Ways to Celebrate National Thank You Day

Alrighty, everyone! If you’ve been tormenting yourself over whether or not to send that late Thank You card, or you got a great lead from a business associate and you just never got around to saying thanks, or … whatever your dilemma, you’ve just been granted clemency! September 24th is National Thank You Day! Promoted by the Emily Post Institute, National Thank You Day is a perfect opportunity to spread a little good will (and relieve your conscience of the weight of all those belated thank yous you’ve been meaning to send).

Not sure what to do for National Thank You Day? Here’s 10 things you can do to express your thanks to the people in your life you don’t always think of … they’ll appreciate it (and you’ll be able to remove yourself from the 90.2% of Americans who feel they don’t say thank you often enough):

  • Leave a Thank You card on your garbage can on garbage day. Can you imagine a more thankless job than collecting trash?
  • Address a Thank You card to “Postal Carrier” and surprise your mail carrier. After all, they bring you greeting cards all year long! Why not give a little love back?
  • If you have children, send a card for their teacher or caregiver when you pack them off for the day on Monday the 24th. Who do you know who really does a more important job than helping to care for your children?
  • Send a Thank You card to your parents! Think about it … you really do owe it all to them, don’t you?
  • Do you go to the same coffee shop or deli every day before work or during your lunch break? Does your barista remember your favorite drink, and have it ready almost before you get to the counter? Does the deli staff remember your favorite sandwich without having to ask? Give a thank you card to the service professionals who help make your day a little more pleasant! You can be sure they don’t hear “Thank You” often enough in their line of work.
  • What about that list of thank you’s you should have written all year, but never got around to? What a perfect time to play catch up. (Of course, it’s no substitute for a timely thank you note, but late really is better than never for thank you’s!)
  • Do you have a secretary or assistant at work? Imagine what a hassle your day would be without them keeping track of the little details for you. Get a card and some flowers, and leave it on their desk. Heck, while you’re at it, give a card to all your employees. Feeling appreciated for one’s work is one of the top predictors of job satisfaction, after all.
  • If you have pets, send Thank You cards to your veterinarian, groomer and pet sitters. (You may wish to send a gift as well, if your pet has behavioral issues!) These folks put up with a lot in a day, and I’m sure they’d be thrilled to know you’ve noticed and appreciate their effort.
  • Give a Thank You card to your significant other. It doesn’t matter why. They’ve put up with you all year, surely you’ve done something in that time that warrants a thank you, haven’t you? Admit it.
  • Say Thank You to people throughout the day. If someone opens a door for you, say thanks. Thank the cashier at the store. Thank the bus or taxi driver. You might be surprised how many smiles you see in return … who knows, it could even become a habit!

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