Graduation Stationery Etiquette

Graduation ceremonies and parties happen throughout the year but the majority of events are being planned now for May and June graduates. Here are some points of graduation etiquette to consider when sending your graduation invitations, announcements, party invitations and thank you cards.

Graduation Invitations. Often the numbers of guests you are allowed to invite to the actual ceremony are limited, especially if your graduating class is large. Make sure you are not inviting more guests than you are allowed. If not room for all at the ceremony, consider hosting an after-party. Mail your invitations two weeks in advance of the event with all of the who, what, when, where and why details printed on them.

Graduation Announcements. These can be sent to those that are not invited to the ceremony to let them know of your accomplishment. They can be sent as late as two weeks after the ceremony.

Graduation Party Invitations. Even if you invite friends and family to the actual ceremony, you may want to include them and others in a special open house or party celebrating your graduation. Send them two weeks in advance of the party and ask for an rsvp if you need to know how much in the way of food and drink to plan for.

Graduation Thank You Cards. Although it is not mandatory you are likely to receive graduation gifts from many who may or may not have been invited to your ceremony, party or received an announcement. Regardless, you should thank the giver kindly in writing with graduation thank you cards. A simple show of appreciation for their kind gift is all that is called for but do your best to mail them within two weeks of receiving their gift.

Congradulations and all good wishes for your future!