Summer activities to try if you hate the beach

A photo from a car with a mountain background.

Summer is the time to get out and do something fun, and for many people, that means going to the beach. But if that is not your idea of a good time, then here are a few alternative activities to the surf and sand:

Old-fashioned road trip
Instead of heading for the coast, point your car inland instead. Plot a course, trying to stay off major interstates and have yourself a road trip, complete with good old-fashioned charm. Whether it's a nostalgia tour in which you visit friends, a drive through wine country or a quest to hit every strange roadside spot within 300 square miles, it will be something you won't soon forget.

Artifact "walk of fame"
If you are looking for a great way to escape the scorching heat, consider checking out local museums. No matter what the subject matter, museums are climate controlled, and the buildings themselves are usually steeped in history. Use the next blazing hot day to hit all the interesting artifacts, sculptures and paintings that you are always saying you will visit but never do. Make a list of the must-see antiquities in your area, and while everyone is baking out on the sand, spend a leisurely day gazing upon 12th century relics or impressionist paintings. You will have a wonderful and educational day and come home without a sunburn.

Try a brewery tour instead of going to the beach.A beer tasting is a fun alternative to a day at the beach.

Brewery tour
If you're looking for a great way to spend time with friends in an unusual setting, a brewery tour is a great idea. The cost is minimal, and nobody has to don a swimsuit. Breweries typically offer guided tours a few days a week, provide guests with samples and sell merchandise at the end of the tour. There is even the opportunity for a tasting afterwards in the brewery's tap room.

Grown-up picnic
If the sandy shores aren't for you, then grab a gingham blanket and a woven basket and head to your favorite outdoor space, be it in the local park surrounded by families or in a deserted field where you are the only person within a hundred miles – or at least that's how it feels. Pack an upscale lunch for yourself and your guests, such as wine, special cheeses, gourmet sandwiches and elegant desserts, and spend a day in the sunshine. Your hair will stay dry and your stomach will be full!

Historic running tour
In the mood to be a bit active? Consider a historic tour that gets you moving. An increasingly popular way of seeing a town or city, there are numerous options available from many different types of companies. You can either sign up for a guided tour, or participate in an open session which provides stopovers every mile with interesting lessons about the space where you stop. It's a great way to get moving, explore and avoid the sandy crowd.

Now get out and try some of these fun activities.