Keepsake ideas for all your greeting cards

There is something special about greeting cards. They are powerful, and with today's reliance on high-tech communication, a card is more meaningful than ever. While some people love to send a card, it's even more rewarding to receive one. But then what? Box them up and put them in the attic or basement? Probably. Instead, get your creative juices flowing and actually make something out of the cards so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Here are examples of things to do with all those greeting cards you still want to hold on to:

Photo cards
Come holiday time, you probably expect to receive an abundance of photo cards – from family members friends or co-workers. You think they're so cute and can't seem to throw a perfectly good photo of your loved ones away, but you have no idea what to do with them. Instead of piling them up in an old shoe box, make a photo album. Punch holes in them, and secure all the photo cards together with loose binder rings. You can even create multiple albums by separating cards of friends, family and co-workers. Consider organizing by year and occasion, too!

Baby  shower
Moms always have a hard time getting rid of anything that reminds them of their sweet baby, especially related to big events like a baby shower. Instead of storing all those "congratulations on your new baby" cards somewhere in the basement, create a piece of memorabilia for your little one's nursery. Gather all your cards and lay them out so you can clearly see them. With a blank sheet of paper, create a descent-sized, heart-shaped template – not too big and not too small. Find your favorite part of the card and use your template to trace a heart around the chosen area. Next, carefully arrange and glue the hearts to a piece of poster board. Once it's dry, frame it and hang it in your baby's room!

For some reason, it's always hard to get rid of birthday cards, especially the bedazzled ones. Instead of storing them in an old shoebox placed on the top shelf of your closet, make something useful for yourself! Consider turning the cards into placemats, coasters or bookmarks. You could also get really crafty and design your own puzzle. Be sure you only use the decorative side so you still have all the sentimental notes to look back on – eventually.

Whether for a graduation, new baby or job promotion, congratulation cards are always a cheerful reminder of all your biggest accomplishments. Show these achievements off in a subtle way by creating centerpieces for your dining room table or just to have as a little tchotchke on the bedside table. Simply place two cards (facing out, of course) inside a clear mason jar. That's it! If you want, you can add embellishment to the outside of the jar by gluing rhinestones or tying a bow around the top. It's quick, easy and inexpensive!

Wedding invitations are nearly impossible to throw away because of how luxurious they are. Instead of putting them in a traditional album that just sits on your coffee table collecting dust, turn them into something something unique, such as a candle luminary. Pick four invitations similar in tone and color, grab a small hole puncher and gently puncture them down either side. Secure the invitations together with embroidery floss and place a battery-powered tea light inside.