How to host the best game-day party

With the big game less than a month away, it's time to start planning your football-themed party. Inviting friends over to your place to watch the game is a wonderful way to spend time with them and show off your hosting skills. However, you have a lot to do to prepare for this big event. Here are a few suggestions to help you throw the best football party:

Send invitations
Get people pumped for your event by sending out party invitations. These are the perfect way to set the mood – you can have them decorated with mini footballs and goal posts. To heighten the sense of competition, you can even note there will be prizes for best team outfit. People will love the playful aspect of the event, and you'll get a great picture.

Choose a variety of food and drinks
You don't need to prepare a whole meal for people, but snacks are always appreciated. Chips a popular choice for game-day parties, but get creative, too. For example, this is an ideal time to break out your slow cooker. Use this appliance to get a delicious dip ready for your guests or cook your favorite mini wiener recipe for a barbeque-covered treat.

You should also offer a wide range of beverages for the party. Some of your friends might not care for alcohol, so have some soda or juice available for them to sip on. However, don't feel like you need to go all out with the drinks – it could get expensive fast. Feel free to mention the event is BYOB on the invitations so everyone has a drink they like at your party.

Prepare for spills
You know that you're going to have a lot of snacks and drinks scattered throughout your entertainment room, so be prepared for spills. A simple way to achieve this is by setting a roll of paper towels and napkins on a nearby table. This way, your guests can keep their hands clean, and if a cup gets tipped over, the towels will be on-hand for a quick clean up.

Set out games
Think of some simple games your guests could play during the event. These will come in handy during time outs and halftime. The entertainment could be as simple as a deck of cards, or your could set up a game of bags (cornhole) in the garage. This will give the event more of a tailgating vibe that your guests will love.

Add decor
Give your house a festive feel by decorating for your party. Get creative with your ideas, as well. For example, you could adorn half of the entertainment room in one team's colors and the other half in the rival team's. An easy way to create these opposite sides is to hang a few streamers from the ceiling or set out bowls that reflect the team colors. These are simple ways to spice up the room without breaking the back, and your guests will appreciate the effort you put into the setting. 

Make goodie bags
Party favors are a fun way to thank people for attending your event. Like the invitations, these gifts should have a football theme. For example, you can get candies in team colors or chocolates wrapped in foil that look like little footballs. These options are easy but fit with the overall event. Set the goodie bags by the door with a note telling people to take one as they leave. This way, if someone has to head home early, you won't forget to grab one for him or her.