6 ways you can make time for art

Pencils and sunglasses on top of a wire-bound notepad

Making art is a beautiful hobby that everyone should take advantage of and make time for – even if you don't have skills quite like Picasso. This pastime isn't just sketching or painting on a blank canvas. There are many aspects of art that you can explore without wearing a smock or holding paintbrush in your hand.

Here are six new ways to explore art this year:

1. Write a letter
A great way to delve into your artistic talents is to pick up a pen and start writing. This could be through journaling, writing thank you cards to those who have made a difference in your life, or a heartfelt letter to someone you lost touch with over the years, like your college roommate. It's a way for you to temporarily take a step back from the virtual world and let your creative juices flow onto a piece of paper rather than social media.

2. Write a book
Another way to add more art and writing into your daily life is to write a book. This doesn't have to be a long novel. You could put together a book of poems, recipes, photographs – get creative with it! You know how you snap a photo of your food every time you try a new restaurant? Start compiling those into a book you can display on your coffee table. Write a brief description of what you ate, if you liked it, if you would recommend it and the location of the restaurant. This is especially cool if you're a world traveler! Companies like Blurb and Lulu are great websites that can help you self-publish a book. 

3. Wear a funky outfit
Don't forget that clothing can be just as much of a masterpiece as a portrait on a canvas. If you have never had the confidence to pull off a bold statement piece – be it a jacket, shoes or necklace – now is the time, no judgments. Go ahead and wear those bright orange pumps or that psychedelic jacket – it's art. Fashion designers spent time creating these pieces for the world to wear, love and enjoy so go out there and flaunt it!

4. Take a stroll
Exercise and art all in one – look at that! If the sun is out to play, you should be too. Grab a pen, a notebook or a stack of your personalized stationery and a camera (smartphones or tablets also suffice) and go on a nature walk. When you arrive on the trail, jot down 15 of the most beautiful things you see, in addition to photographing them.

5. Plant a garden
Since it's the beginning of spring, there is no better time to garden. For starters, pick up a couple of flowers, plants and foliage, as well as some river rocks in different sizes. Section off a portion of your garden and create a border with the rocks. Next, arrange your colorful flowers into pattern to create an interesting aesthetic. Who knew you had such a green thumb?

6. Start a book club
Instead of creating your own art, why not enjoy someone else's? Gather a group of your best friends together and start a book club. Consider extending the offer to your coworkers too – the more the merrier. Make a list of novels of different genres such as science, crime, romance, fiction, etc. By reading new material, you're able to learn and pick up on something that will make you think in a way you never have before – that's art right there.

Whatever the activity might be, it is always important to think of yourself as an artist – it'll change your mindset.