5 reasons to join a letter-writing group

Writing letters and cards requires focus, which can sometimes be difficult to find at home. That's why you should consider finding a letter-writing group near you. These gatherings are beneficial for a number of reasons:

1. Gain ideas
If you write a lot of letters and card messages, you might occasionally struggle to come up with new topic and decoration ideas. A letter-writing group will expose you to new writing methods and give you inspiration for your next note card. The best part is, many groups also offer mini workshops that teach you new lettering and embellishment techniques. Along with completing your letter-writing endeavors, you'll also be able to boast about your newfound skills.

2. Encourage creativity
When you give yourself a specific time and place for composing your messages, it gives you the freedom to be more creative. In this setting, you won't feel rushed to complete your notes, and you can take all the time you want when decorating the envelopes. In addition, you may feel compelled to finally get that personalized stationery you've been wanting or those decorative stamps.

3. Disconnect
Today's tech-filled world rarely gives you a chance to fully relax and disconnect for a while. When you attend a letter-writing group, you're consciously making an effort to set aside the phone and computer and dedicate time to the old pen and paper. If your days are usually focused on digital content, you'll come to appreciate your chance to unplug and focus on a simple task.

4. Stay motivated
Gathering together with a group of people who enjoy writing letters as much as you will help you stay motivated to continue your efforts. It's easy to become discouraged about writing messages to people, especially if they aren't the best at responding. When you're around others who love writing cards, however, it will be more enjoyable, and you can share your love of letters with others.

5. Make connections
Sometimes it's hard to make new connections. A letter-writing group, however, will not only introduce you to other people, but you'll all have a common hobby. It's refreshing to leave the house for a while and hang out with people who have a similar appreciation for handwritten messages. You might even make some really good friends during these gatherings or find more pen pals you can correspond with.

Start your own group
If you can't find a letter-writing group near you, then start one of your own. Reach out to friends and see if anyone would like to join you, then pick a place to meet each week. Coffee shops are usually a popular gathering place, as are libraries. Encourage people to bring their own supplies and have a good time! You can make this group larger by opening it up to other people in the community – list the event on Meetup or advertise it with posters. You might surprised how many people are interested in your group.