3 ideas for a spring-themed office party

Spring is in the air, so it's time to let the party planner within you blossom. There's always an excuse to have a celebration – especially after long work days. So welcome the changing of the seasons and boost office morale with a garden party, spring fling, or a day of outdoor fun. Put your party hat on and start planning! But first, you'll need to create your spring-themed business invitations. After all, what's a party without an invite? Be sure to include the who, what, where, when and why.

Not sure what kind of party to have? No problem! Here are three ideas to get you started:

1. Cocktail party
Find a central, open space in the office to set up two tables: a bar table and one for the appetizers/desserts. Instead of stocking a full bar, set out an array of refreshing cocktails. Stir up a pitcher of strawberry basil margaritas, cucumber-rosemary gin and tonic, or a watermelon-cucumber refresher. For a nonalcoholic alternative, serve a pitcher of mint-garnished lemonade or pomegranate punch. These ingredients are light and fresh – perfect for spring. Complete the drink station with an ice bucket, glasses, straws, napkins and slices of lemons/limes, or fresh berries, so your coworkers can add some extra zest.

Since people will be drinking, you want to make sure there is enough food to snack on. Set up a buffet-style feast and serve appetizers like mini hot dogs, chips and guacamole, sliders (both vegetarian and beef), lettuce wraps, deviled eggs and mini quiches. In keeping with the spring theme, serve refreshing desserts like lemon sherbet ice cream, strawberry-lemonade cake, key lime pie bites or banana pudding cheesecake.

If you decide to go with a cocktail party, make sure you schedule it after office hours since there will be drinking involved.

2. Garden party
If the area around your office needs a little sprucing up for the spring, rally the troops and host a garden party. On a sunny day, head outside either during office hours for a little break, or after, and start building out the garden. Together, plant an array of colorful spring flowers like tulips, daffodils or daisies.

Once the garden is complete, reward your hardworking coworkers with fresh lemonade and a tasty treat like a flower-shaped cookie. As everyone sits around the garden and enjoys their snack, play some games to shake things up a bit. Get the ball rolling with a quick icebreaker to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. When that's over, proceed by playing a game that requires teamwork, collaboration and creativity – all important skills to have when you work in an office setting.

3. Game day
Spring is the season for outdoor sports, so host a tournament – softball, soccer, kickball – or set up an obstacle course at an open field near the office. Draw names out of a hat to pick teams and assign them a color. This should be done prior to game day so everyone knows what color to wear to work the day of the tournament. Consider turning this into a fundraiser and have a $5 buy-in fee to play. Donate all proceeds to a charitable foundation that everyone agrees on. Reward the winning team with an extra day of PTO or cater in lunch for them one day.

After the game, enjoy a meal together outside to increase team bonding. In keeping with the game day theme, serve hot dogs and veggie burgers, chips, fruit, pop and water, and a delicious sheet cake for dessert.