What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card

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It’s time to bring out your sweet side for February 14th. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to express to friends, family, partners, and even our professional relationships, how much we care about them. Valentine’s Day is unequivocally the most sentimental day of the year…but there’s nothing wrong with some oversentimentality now and again.

Tell your friends and family how much you love them. Hold your significant other close and be transparent about all the ways they are special to you. Tell your kids, mom and dad, brothers and sisters, even your dog that though they may drive you nuts sometimes, it’s their companionship that makes your life amazing.

You can also reach out to your professional relationships on Valentine’s Day with an appropriate Valentine’s Day card — express to customers, clients, coworkers, and employees that their contributions in your life give you fulfillment.

The History of Valentine’s Day

One of the staples of Valentine’s Day is the Valentine’s Day card. Many still believe that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday; in other words, greeting card companies invented Valentine’s Day as a way to sell more cards. This is a common misconception, Valentine’s Day is actually thought to have originated from ancient Rome and gets its name from patron Saint Valentine. There are several stories surrounding St. Valentine, but the most popular states that St. Valentine was a priest back in third-century Rome who married people in secret. Emperor Claudius II felt that single men made better soldiers so he had outlawed any new marriages at the time. Valentine saw this as a travesty and went against Claudius’ wishes. When Claudius found out, he sentenced Valentine to death.

Awaiting his sentence, St. Valentine was held captive and ended up falling in love with the jailer’s daughter (or so the story goes). On the day of his execution (February 14th), Valentine wrote the jailer’s daughter a love note, and, as legend has it, signed the note ‘From Your Valentine.’ The first celebration for this holiday was said to take place in the year 496. To celebrate the coming of spring, the Romans had a festival known as Lupercalia. As part of the celebration during Lupercalia, boys selected girls’ names from a box that they would court. Later, Valentine’s Day was adopted as a Christian holiday to celebrate Saint Valentine.

Today, Valentine’s Day is known universally as a way to express our love and appreciation to one another through nice gestures, gifts, kind words, greeting cards, boxes of chocolate, and more. Sometimes it can be hard to express your true feelings and articulate to those closest to you the positive role they play in your life. Here are some suggestions, Happy Valentine’s Day quotes, and valentine’s Day sayings to include in your Valentine’s Day cards, love notes, and more on February 14th!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Your Significant Other

Personalize love you messages that mean something. These Valentine greetings are just to get your mind working. Make these cute Valentine sayings your own and let them help to create new cute Valentine’s ideas.

Valentine’s card ideas and Valentine’s quotes

  • You are my life and my love – everything that brings joy to my day and a smile to my face when I sleep. You are the best part of my world and what my universe centers around. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Every year I love you more and more.
  • We have been through a lot and are stronger because of it. I love you very much.
  • To my best friend and partner, thank you for making my life truly special.
  • Love you now and always.
  • You are home to me.
  • You are uncompromisingly loyal to those you decide to love…and for that I love you.
  • “Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.” – Truman Capote
  • “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” – George Sand

For cute sayings for him or her and cute Valentine’s day quotes, try some cute Valentine’s sayings like these:

  • I enjoy cuddling up next to you.
  • Kisses and hugs to my one and only love.
  • You are the most special thing in the world to me.
  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn
  • “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Funny Valentine sayings

  • I love you more than pizza.
  • You are a true badass.
  • You are bold, beautiful, and basically the best.
  • Your dark side is no match for your sweet side.
  • Thank you for taking on all my crazy!
  • “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz
  • “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week.” – Laurence J. Pete
  • “Love is a grave mental disease.” – Plato

Sweet messages for her

  • You look especially stunning in black, and with smoky eyeshadow, oooh and white jeans, and of course leopard print. And for that I love you.
  • To my sweetheart, you inspire me to be the greatest man I can be. Thank you for always believing in me, for pushing me to become better, and for loving me each day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. You are my everything.

Love words for him and Valentine’s Day quotes for him

  • When you smile, I melt.
  • You are my strength. You are my heart. You are my love.
  • You make me laugh; sometimes you make me cry, but you always make me love.
  • “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  • “I want a man who’s kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Sexy sayings

  • Our love is not a burning flame but a roaring fire!
  • You are sexy, beautiful, strong, and the best Valentine I could ask for!
  • You’re the person I want to stay in bed with all day.
  • “It’s sexy and beautiful to be strong.” – Lindsey Vonn
  • “If you’re feeling blue, lock yourself in a room, stand in front of a mirror, and dance – and laugh at yourself and be sexy. Dance the silliest and ugliest you’ve ever danced. Make fun of yourself and try to recover your sense of humor.” – Salma Hayek
  • “I think people are sexy when they have a sense of humor, when they are smart, when they have some sense of style, when they are kind, when they express their own opinions, when they are creative, when they have character.” – Suzanne Vega

Loving you messages

  • “All you need is love.” – John Lennon
  • “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • Valentine’s Day gives me one more opportunity to tell you just how much I love you all throughout the year!

Valentine’s for Family

Beyond your husband or wife, you may want to express Valentine’s messages to your children, parents, or another family member that you appreciate. Here are some suggestions.


  • To my sweet little happy Valentine – I love you very much.
  • May your Valentine’s Day be filled with candy hugs and chocolate kisses.
  • You are sweet. You are special. You are my funny little Valentine.
  • You fill my life with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • You gave me love that will last forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • To two very special people that filled my world with love – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Sending all my love your way this Valentine’s Day!

Other family

  • Love is family.
  • You bring me joy on Valentine’s Day and all throughout the year!

Valentine’s for Friends

Valentine sayings for your friends can help to convey how much they mean to you throughout the year. Here are some Valentine’s Day card ideas for valentines to your friends, including Valentine’s Day quotes for friends, Valentine messages for friends, funny Valentine messages for friends, and cute sayings for friends on Valentine’s Day.

  • Valentine’s Day is about many kinds of love – your friendship has meant so much to me over the years, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you always.
  • “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller
  • Sending Valentine’s Day wishes to you on this special day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend; love you always!
  • Girlfriends 4ever!
  • “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” – Pablo Picasso

Professional Valentines

These Valentine card ideas are for your professional relationships; send these Valentine’s messages to your customers, coworkers, and employees.


  • We (heart) our customers.
  • Valentine’s Day is about thanking all the special people who make your day amazing.
  • Thank you for your business. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for a Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Thank you for being a wonderful coworker – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • To my work husband and/or wife, you make the days bearable. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” – Pearl Bailey


  • “Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.” – Christopher Marlowe
  • “The leader is the person who brings a little magic to the moment.”– Denise Morrison
  • Thank you on Valentine’s Day for your hard work throughout the year.

We hope you enjoyed our Happy Valentine’s Day messages. Feel free to add your own to the comments. For more greeting card ideas, go to www.cardsdirect.com!