Tips for Great Christmas Letters

Annual Christmas Letter

Holiday cards can be the only time during the year that you communicate with many distant friends or family members. Although many may poo-poo the idea, the annual Christmas letter is really a great way to update everyone on what you and your family have been up to during the year. Here are some tips to consider when composing that annual update.

1. Keep it brief. People are especially busy during the holiday season and don’t really have time to read a novel, even if your family experienced a truly novel year! Simply share the highlights and follow-up later with a more complete explanation of happenings if someone asks for the details.

2. Tell the truth. We’d all like to say we’ve traveled the world, seriously upgraded our lifestyle and won the lottery, but often that simply isn’t the case. Be truthful when letting everyone know what you experienced this past year. What may seem boring to you may be quite interesting to others.

3. Make it fun. Be creative when sharing your tale. Speak to your audience and add a bit of humor and your annual Christmas letter will bring a smile to many and become something they look forward to reading each year.

4. Keep your voice. Write as if you were speaking to a friend. Keep your “voice” consistent with the way you might speak to someone in person. If you don’t use big words on a regular basis, don’t start now. An easy flowing narrative is much more genuine and sure to be appreciated as authentic.

5. Review and edit. Once you’re happy with your creation, read it out loud and edit as necessary. One final going-over will help you catch minor errors and misspellings.

Colorful or unique holiday cards or Christmas cards with a letter from you included inside are fun to send and to receive. Photo holiday cards help add visual appeal as well. Make it an annual event and you’ll never lose touch with those whose friendships you value most.