Should I Send Holiday Cards This Year?

Good question! I’m admittedly biased but let me give you a number of reasons why it does make sense to send holiday cards to your friends, family, customers and business associates every year.

1) In this age of digital communication, a traditional greeting card received in the mail is a special and unexpected surprise. This highly personal form of communication is sincere and meaningful. And they’re fun to ooh and ah over too!

2) Remembering someone with a “real” card that is stuffed in an envelope with a stamp on it and mailed shows you care about them and value their friendship or business.

3) Cards sent during the holiday season are usually displayed and enjoyed for several weeks. For businesses, that means your company name is on display for all to see. In effect, you are advertising your company and showing you care about those you do business with.

4) Holiday cards sent once a year give you an opportunity to stay connected and build loyalty so that friends and business associates you don’t see all that often won’t forget about you! And let’s be honest, isn’t it fun to see those family photo cards from afar?

5) If you are looking for a way to stand out, consider sending Thanksgiving cards in advance of the traditional Christmas card rush or New Year cards that will get the New Year off to a great start.

Annual holiday cards are fun to send and to receive. There is a reason Christmas cards have been popular for over 150 years. Why do you send them?