Post Office Says No More Letters from Santa at the North Pole

Santa Christmas Card
How sad is this? The US Post Office will no longer be sending letters from Santa at the North Pole. This tradition that began in the 50’s has hit a speed bump. For years children have sent letters to Santa at the North Pole. Postal employees and volunteers have been answering them by the thousands.

Sadly, it seems one such volunteer was discovered to be a convicted sex offender and with children’s addresses and their privacy at stake, the post office has been forced to pull the plug on this longtime tradition. In some areas, letters are assigned a computer code so that the return address is not seen. The real town of North Pole, Alaska does not have that capability though so letters sent to the North Pole will not be responded to this year.
Santa Relaxing Holiday Card
Santa’s elves employed by the post office will still answer letters sent locally but how special is a letter from Santa postmarked Dallas, Texas for example?

If you want a letter sent from Santa at the North Pole, here is a way to make it happen. Write a letter from Santa yourself. Put it in an envelope addressed to the recipient with Santa, North Pole as the return address. Be sure and put a first class stamp on it. Next, take this letter and put it inside another envelope. Address that envelope to:

North Pole Holiday Postmark
4141 Postmark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

Santa Recycles Holiday Card
Letters must be received in Anchorage before December 15. Keep in mind; you don’t have to be a child to get a kick out of receiving a letter from Santa!