How to Save Money by Ordering Your Holiday Cards Online

Why buy preprinted holiday cards at retail in small quantities where the packaging material takes up more space than the cards themselves? You can get far nicer cards custom printed just for you at much great savings by ordering them online. Before you purchase your Christmas cards this year, consider the money saving options buying cards online offers.

Bulk savings. When buying online you benefit by buying in bulk. You are probably ordering more than just the 12 or so cards offered per box at retail. As your quantity increases, your unit cost decreases when buying online.

One-of-a-kind. Ordering your cards online allows to you have them custom printed. You aren’t stuck with a pre-printed message but can create your own. It isn’t just your imprinted company or personal name that is included these days but your own creative message so you can send whatever greeting you want to share.

Save the planet. No more burning gas and your precious time going from retailer to retailer in search of the perfect holiday cards. A quick browse at your computer gives you thousands of designs to choose from. Place your order and they’ll appear at your doorstep before you know it!

Time saver. Sure, you could print holiday photo cards or any card on your home computer but why would you? With the cost of ink cartridges, paper, envelopes and the time you’d spend, you’d save time and money by letting someone else make your cards for you. Someone like CardsDirect has the experience, quality materials and craftsmanship you can trust so let a professional make your perfect holiday cards this year!

Still need to be convinced that ordering online makes the best sense?