Creative holiday card display ideas

Holiday cards always have beautiful designs on their covers. The festive images heighten the holiday spirit and remind you of the ones you love. However, it's difficult to decide what to do with the cards after you've read them. Christmas photo cards can be placed on the fridge, but the stationery showing snowmen or reindeer often get thrown in the trash.

Instead of wasting paper like this, make a fun holiday-themed decoration for your house. Here are a few creative display ideas:

Tape Christmas tree
Fill up empty wall space this holiday season by creating a Christmas tree from tape. Use washi or painters tape and make vertical or horizontal lines in the shape of a triangle. Your "ornaments" for this figure are your holiday cards. Place a strip of tape on the back of the cards and then stick them to the wall along the lines you created. When you're done, you'll have a beautiful decoration to show off the wonderful messages you've received this year.

Entrance garland
Hang a garland around a door frame. Using clothespins or other clips, attach your holiday cards along the length of the garland. To make this decor stand out even more, weave a string of lights into the garland. The soft illumination will brighten your cards and enhance the festive atmosphere.

Creative frames
The next time you stop by a thrift shop or flea market, look for a large old picture or window frame. You can easily transform this type of object into a creative display for the holiday season. For example, paint the frame to give it some color and then string twine across the width of the object. Attach your cards to the string using clips. The messages will hang inside the frame and can be placed on a table or mantle.

Lines of twine
If you don't have a frame, simply take your twine and hang it in the house. For example, windows or a mantel would be an optimal location for your card display. Pin the ends of your cord on either side of the frame or mantel. Use paper clips or clothespins to fasten your cards to the string. You'll love the way this easy adornment shows off your holiday cards.

Card wreath
You can create a card wreath using a variety of methods. For a very simple version you could attach some stationery to a normal wreath. However, if you have a lot of holiday cards, then glue them all together by overlapping the sides. Do this in the shape of a circle to create your card wreath and finish the look by attaching a bow to the bottom. Hang this decoration on the kitchen entrance or above the fireplace mantel.

Appreciate your holiday cards all month using these decoration ideas. Try coming up with some of your own ornamentation options, too. When people come over to your place, they'll admire the way you've displayed their cards.