5 Tips When Ordering Holiday Cards Online

Did you know that the holiday season has already started! Yes, the phones are ringing and orders are flooding in for this years personalized holiday cards. Christmas may be in December but now is a great time to order your Christmas cards online. To help you know what to look for in a supplier, consider these 5 tips.

1. Super Selection– Make sure you have more than enough card designs to choose from. For professional season’s greetings for your business clients and partners, to photo holiday cards for friends and family, you don’t want to be limited in design selections.

2. Creative Customization– You should be able to pick a verse that lets you say what you want to say. The best online holiday card suppliers will give you verses to choose from and/or allow you to create your very own. There should be plenty of space available for your text and you should get to pick the type styles and colors printed so your card is uniquely yours.

3. Price and Performance– Many card companies will offer discounts and promo codes but make sure the bottom line is no surprise. Watch out for those that show what looks like a low price but then add on costs for such things as personalization, uploading photos, proofs, envelopes and outrageous shipping charges. And make sure they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee before you click that Order button.

4. Quality you can Trust– It is often difficult to tell just what card quality you may end up with when ordering online. Make sure you are pleasantly surprised with your final order by reading online reviews. Also look to see if the company will provide free samples for you to review before placing your order. A trusted company like CardsDirect.com will have been successfully in business for over 10 years.

5. Easy Online Ordering– A card that looks great and is affordable is fantastic but if you can’t easily place your order, it matters not! Look for a site that lets you put in all of your details and easily walks you through the order entry process. And if you can’t find someone to help via email, phone, fax or live chat, keep looking until you find a company who is there to help you if you have any questions along the way.

Ordering your holiday cards is a once-a-year experience and should be something you have fun doing! The goal is to be proud of the cards you send so that those who receive them will appreciate you and enjoy a happy holiday season!