5 creative ways to welcome your little bundle of joy

Celebrating the birth of a new child is something parents look forward to throughout the entire pregnancy. It's a time for you and your significant other to get creative, as a majority of the baby announcements pinned on your kitchen bulletin board all look the same.

As an efficient way to tell everyone at once, parents can be as simple or elaborate as they wish when making the announcement.

Here are five creative and unforgettable ways to welcome your little bundle of joy to the world:

1. New beginnings
A simple card announcing the birth is nice, however, it may find its way to the trash as there isn't much use for it. If your baby happens to be born in the beginning of the year, consider sending out photo calendar cards welcoming him or her to the world.

While many electronic devices are equipped with digital calendars, there is still something psychologically stimulating about a tangible object.

There are many ways your family and friends can utilize a calendar, especially for moms with four kids to juggle and grandma who loves showing off the grandkids. A calendar can be used to spruce up the office or can be used to make your refrigerator pop.

A wall calendar can be placed in a common area for everyone's reference, and unlike a digital calendar, a computer virus will not seek and destroy important dates, meetings or memos on your wall calendar.

This idea can work toward the end of the year as well, as most people will be due for a calendar come the new year.

2. Plan ahead
Create a love series of pregnancy photos, starting with the moment you find out you're expecting a little one.

In this series of three photos, you will begin by showing off your positive pregnancy test. The second photograph will be taken in the middle of your pregnancy, as you flaunt your growing tummy; and to complete the series, you will be photographed as you kiss or hold your mini-me.

Remember: This is a photo series, so consistency is key. Make sure you are photographed in the same room for all three shoots.

3. Go graphic
Create an infographic filled with all the vital information your friends and family have been patiently waiting for.

Use symbols such as a scale to reveal the weight, ruler for height, clock for time and a mini calendar for the date. Leave room for a decent-sized photo to make your baby's eye color stand out.

For that extra special touch, mark the announcement with your baby's hand and footprint. Use blue or pink ink for a little boy or little girl, respectively. If you want to keep it gender-neutral, consider using yellow ink.

4. Funny business
Babies usually manage to get their hands on items that parents deem off limits. Depict the comedic relief a baby brings to the table by recreating a page out of a comic book.

"The Adventures of Superbaby" will still include all the expected information such as height and weight, with the addition of photos and speech bubbles. Stick with your reds, blues and yellows to give off that superhero vibe.

To take this idea a step further, create an entire series by walking your friends and family down your pregnancy path. Include photos of you and your significant other at the doctor, shopping for onesies, building the crib or paining the nursery room. Be sure to include speech bubbles here as well to give your loved ones the full effect!

5. Hit the shelves
Create an announcement visually replicating the cover of a book. The title will be your little bookworm's name, and for the byline, include the name of your significant other and yourself.

For the image, gather all your favorite children's books, stack them up, and gently place your baby on top. A baby sitting atop a pile of books will simply look irresistible.