Why greeting cards will never go out of style

Sending a greeting card via snail mail may not be as popular anymore, but it will never go completely absent. There are a number of reasons why you should send a card: for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, party invitations, during the holiday season, or simply to say hello and let your longtime buddy know that he or she is on your mind.

Electronic communications and social media have definitely made it easy to keep in touch. It's pretty much effortless – with a "like" here and a "poke" there, you're all set. A quick click of a button does the trick and you're done. Poetic, right?

Somewhere along the way through the Internet galaxy, the world has become desensitized to more personal communications. Social media is just an indirect way of reaching out to someone. And just like that, the "personal" touch has evaporated.

The evolution of communication will continue to change due to advancements in technology, but you have the power to keep the old-school method of snail mail trending. After all, it's not only the thought that counts – it's the action, too!

The list of reasons to send someone a greeting card is endless, but here are five examples (aside from the obvious birthday and holiday cards) to get you started:

1. Keep in touch
Remember the great-aunt and uncle you have over on the West Coast – the ones who bought you your first laptop to welcome you to college? Or what about Nana all the way down in Florida who still can't figure how how to "slide to answer"? Stay in touch with your family and let them know you care by sending them a quick note. Maybe you'll make it on the fridge or office bulletin board!

2. Long-distance
You're in a long-distance relationship with your significant other or best friend and want to spread some extra love that isn't behind a virtual screen for a change.

3. Studying abroad
Living abroad for a year? Purchase a post card from each city you visit and send them to your friends and family. They will absolutely love to see all the places you've been and hear a bit about each one.

4. Love letter
Surprise your spouse with a love letter. Of course he or she already knows how much you adore him or her, but a quick handwritten reminder is much appreciated and can be cherished forever.

5. Care package
Send a care package to your cousin who just started his or her first year of college. Include a card listing off some do's and don'ts and the best places to grab some late night bites.