Where Do We Sign Holiday Cards?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette

My company is doing our first holiday card mailing this year, and I have what might seem like a silly question. Where should we sign our holiday cards?
Novice in Nova Scotia

First thing’s first, Novice … always remember the only “silly” question is the one you’re afraid to ask! Now, for the real question: If it will only be a couple people signing your company Christmas cards, go ahead and sign them in the usual place: for a vertically oriented card, it will be on the bottom half of the inside of the card, and or a horizontally oriented card, you’d sign on the right-hand panel of the inside of the card, in both cases underneath the printed card inscription.

Now, if you’re going to have everyone in the company sign the cards, I would first hope you have a very small company! If there is indeed enough room on the cards for everyone to sign, I would recommend the company owner or President signing underneath the card inscription, and then have everyone else sign the blank panel of the card. Space allowing, the employees can each add a small inscription to their signatures like “Happy Holidays!” or “Best wishes for the New Year!”. If you’re pinched for space though, just a quick name is perfectly acceptable.

If there simply isn’t enough room without making the card seem cluttered, it may be wise to only have your company principals sit in on the signing party. Primarily, you should remember: if your cards are imprinted with one of CardsDirect’s customization options, you don’t want to obscure your holiday message with signatures! You may even want to use one card as a “trial run” to plan out how to place everyone’s names, just to be sure.

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