Unexpected Thank You Cards

Graduation DayMy daughter’s high school graduation class had 1,200 graduates in it. It took 2 full hours for them all to march across the stage and receive their diplomas. This year there was a change in venue. Graduation was moved to the Dallas Convention Center and it was impossible to hold every family member and guest who might have wanted to attend the big event. And so, each graduate was allotted 6 tickets.

Frantic phone calls began the minute this plan was announced. There was a mad rush to secure extra tickets for aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends and everyone who wanted to come and join in the celebration. I’m told some students were even selling their tickets if they had extra ones on hand, but I can’t confirm that!

I was approached by many, asking if I had any extras. As it turned out, I did have extra tickets to give to those in need and was happy to accommodate them. What surprised me though was the lovely Thank You Card I received following graduation day from one of those I shared a ticket with. With out of town guests to entertain along with all the hoopla that goes with graduation, how this lovely lady managed to find the time to write and mail a thank you card for my unused ticket was a delightful surprise.

Thank YOU, Andrea!

So folks, do you remember to send Thank You Cards when a nice gesture of appreciation is called for?