The meaning of colors: A guide

Colors hold significant meaning for many people. Maybe you have a favorite shade you like to wear, or perhaps a distinct hue reminds you of your mother. Whatever the case, you can use these colors to express your feelings to the people you love. Here are some color meanings and how you can use them when decorating stationery and choosing greeting cards:

Red is the perfect color for expressing passion – there's a reason it's associated with Valentine's Day. Create a heart-shaped cut out in this vibrant hue to show how much you care for someone. This classic card idea never gets old and is always cute.

In addition, red stands for excitement! If you have important news to share with a loved one, find a way to incorporate this shade into your card. For example, the base stationery could be completely red, or you could even pull out a red pen for your writing.

Orange is the color of youth, fun and warmth. If you're planning to send a serious message, you probably shouldn't use this color. Instead, use orange for happy occasions, such as congratulations cards or birthday cards. This upbeat hue will show the person you're writing to that you're happy for him or her. 

The color yellow is often associated with sunshine, brightness and warmth. Naturally, the meaning of the color reflects optimism, joy and remembrance. Use this color to brighten a loved one's day – receiving a letter in the mail is always a happy occasion, but this color will make it even better. However, like most colors, you have to be careful about the shade you choose to use. For example, bright, vibrant yellows are always a good option, but dull tones are associated with feelings of caution and sickness. If you decide to use this color in your message, pick a shade that makes you smile.

Green has a lot of diverse meanings. For example, you've probably heard the phrase "green with envy," and this shade is often associated with luck, as well. However, the hue is also reminiscent of nature and renewal. Have fun working this color into your messages. To give you a few ideas, this shade is an excellent option for celebrating a birth.

When people think of the color blue often a placid pool of water or a clear sky come to mind. The meaning of this shade often revolves around serenity and calm. This color also invokes feelings of trust and security. If you're not sure what hue to use with your message, then blue is always a safe choice.

If you know a friend or a loved one has been stressed out lately, then send a message that incorporates the color blue. This calming color will encourage tranquility and will also remind the person to relax. However, make sure the card doesn't use too much of this color – a lot of blue is often associated with coldness and uncaring, so instead of using all-blue stationery, choose something that mixes the color in.

The meaning of purple usually suggests royalty, honor, power and ambition. Use this color to encourage an entrepreneurial friend to keep trying. The shade might bolster their efforts and evoke feelings of creativity and success.

Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, are associated with femininity and beauty. Send this color to a female friend to express your appreciation for your relationship and to make that person feel special.

Everyone enjoys receiving a card, but when you work meaning into the colors the message is even more personal. The next time you purchase a card or letter stationery, consider how the shade of the paper could contribute to your overall note. If you do this, your card can have an even bigger impact on the reader.