Sick Get Well Cards

I recently had a friend experience an unexpected surgery. What amazed me was the outpouring of concern and the influx of Get Well Cards. I was wondering if the traditional Get Well card was alive and well and I am happy to report that it is definitely still out there alive and kicking!

Of course, some well meaning, but I would have to say lazy folks, felt an e-card would work just as well. I think not! In fact, in my personal opinion, Get Well ecards are just plain sick! My friend agreed. Seems to me the last thing you’d want to do when feeling ill is fire up your laptop. Having said that, what good are Get Well e-cards? How do you prop colorful Get Well Cards up by your bedside to enjoy if they come electronically? And how absolutely disgusting is it to get a Get Well card via your computer with an added question or task from the office? Don’t laugh, it happened!

Traditional, paper Get Well Cards are just so much more thoughtful and personal. Just the idea that someone cared enough to go to the trouble of selecting, signing and sending a wish for a speedy recovery would do wonders to help me heal quicker. Wouldn’t you agree?

Not that any of us are expecting to or are wanting to feel bad anytime soon, but if it should happen, would you rather be remembered with a real Get Well Card or a point and click one?!