Should We Put a Company Logo on a Christmas Card?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette,

My boss wants to put the company logo on the Christmas cards we are sending out this year.  My boss tells me that I am old fashioned, but I think this might be a tacky thing to do.  Are the holidays really an appropriate time to advertise your business logo?

Old Fashioned in Ohio

Hey Ohio,

You’re right.  Until the mid-1980’s, it was unusual to put logos on holiday cards.  Today, however, sending greeting cards during the holiday season is so commonplace, that people expect to see logos on cards if the card comes from a business.  In fact, custom printed logo cards are a perfect way for companies of any size to project a memorable professional image along with holiday wishes.

One of the many frequently asked questions CardsDirect gets from consumers is if they are able to print a full-color logo on a Christmas card.  The answer, of course, is yes.

CardsDirect has a large selection of custom greeting cards, photo cards and calendar cards which are all perfectly suited for printing a full-color logo or custom photo.

You can have your logo printed large with your company name underneath, as on the Corporate Logo Greeting Card design, or print any design or photo you’d like on the Custom Cards.

So no.  You won’t come off as a seedy hack for putting your logo on a Christmas card.  But remember, even with custom printed cards (with or without custom text printed inside), it’s still critically important to hand-sign and address each and every one!