Should Gifts Come With Greeting Cards?

Gifts with Greeting CardsI used to believe that if you handed someone a present, a greeting card to go with it was not necessarily required. After all, they would certainly already know who had given them the gift. Same thing if the gift was mailed. The return address should be enough of a hint to let the recipient know where the gift came from. However, I have come to learn that a card included with a gift is much more than just an indicator of who gifted them!

Greeting cards selected with the recipients in mind add the finishing touches to a graciously given present. A lovely message along with your signature is a very personal statement that can often say more than the present alone. These cards can are displayed for all to see and often remain as valued keepsakes.

Haven’t you been to celebrations where cards were opened and passed around for all to see? I have to admit that I’ve given gifts that were quickly set aside with the accompanying cards taking center stage instead. Everyone enjoys the funny ones and smiles warmly while ready the sentimental messages in others.

I’d have to say also that sometimes the younger generation would much rather get just a card as a present. Of course, they are hoping there is something of monetary value enclosed as well!

So, what do you think? Are greeting cards an added plus when it comes to gift giving? I’d like to think so but let me know your thoughts!