A Series of Fantastical Uses for Greeting Cards & Other Printed Business Products

A series of infographics that are stacked on top of each other, against a vibrant orange background. The infographics include a monkey-like face with bulging eyes, a dog, a modern computer monitor, Egyptian pyramids, and a backpack. Below the images are various captions that range in topics; from social identity to time travel, with corresponding text underneath.

Did You Know?

A Series of Fantastical Uses for Greeting Cards & Other Printed Business Products

Mind Control

Did you know handwritten notes are a form of mind control? Based on the words you use you can get people to do all sorts of unimaginable things that could potentially alter the course of human history. Use them for good not evil.

Impress Your Friends

Did you know that the more greeting cards people see in your house the more friends they think you have? So, if you don’t have any friends you can buy a bunch of greeting cards and put them all over your house then have a tea party with your stuffed animals and brag about how popular you are. They will surely be impressed, especially if you have great taste in cards.

Social Identity

Did you know that personalized stationery reinforces your identity if ever the world were to be taken over by an artificial intelligence bent on erasing all social channels for the purposes of universal domination?

Ancient Egyptian Kings

Did you know that designer stamps were the chosen currency of affluent Ancient Egyptian kings? To ensure an idyllic afterlife in the gilded Elysian Fields it is recommended that you include a custom stamp on every letter you send, especially to ghosts.

Time Travel

Did you know that seasonal photo cards can act as a primitive but effective time traveling device? With them, you can jump from celebration to event, occasion to gathering, while experiencing intense multisensory stimulation without the added calories.

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