Recession Empathy

Times are tough but don’t take it out on your co-workers. Here are some suggestions to help keep a positive attitude going in the workplace.

Empathize. You aren’t the only one suffering. Lend a sympathetic ear and know that as a team, you and your co-workers will get through this together.

Encourage. Without funds for bonuses or raises, monetary rewards will need to be replaced by something else that offers encouragement for a job well done. Recognition from management can be just such a replacement. Remember to thank those who have helped to reach company goals. Success at any level helps to secure jobs. Celebrate milestones. Birthday cards or Anniversary cards can be awarded to employees and customers to generate smiles. The minimal cost will result in immeasurable goodwill, encouraging continued business efforts.
Business Happy Birthday Card
Be flexible. Change is hard but remaining flexible will make it easier to take. Keep your eye on the goal and be ready to adjust to reach it effectively. Be willing to take on new responsibilities and work as a team to achieve goals even if it means giving up some of your presumed power. At times like these, it is the company good that matters most.

Focus. It is natural to want to hold on to your position at all costs when downsizing and layoffs threaten. However, you may miss the opportunity to shine if you lose track of your focus. Do the best you can possibility do in the tasks you are given even if it means letting go of some activities you may not be as well suited for.

Perform. Honor your commitments and meet deadlines. Make a difference now when it counts more than ever. Be the best you can be and your company, and ultimately your job, will be secured.

Give back. You spend the majority of your waking hours at work. Make it a pleasant experience by getting to know your co-workers better. Consider teambuilding opportunities such as volunteer or charitable activities you can do together. In touch times, remember to give back to those less fortunate.

Just remember to hang in there and hang together. As the saying goes, “All for one and one for all”!

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