How to Write Thank You Notes

Thank You Card

Now that the presents have been unwrapped, remember to say thanks! Writing a simple thank you card isn’t hard to do and means much to the person who went to the effort to pick out something special with you in mind. So maybe it wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for, but a sincere show of appreciation in the form of written thank you cards is just plain nice and shows you have manners.

Here are quick tips to help you compose a thoughtful note of thanks:

Intro. Begin by writing Dear… and the person’s name. It gives your note that personal touch.

Just the facts. Name the specific present with a simple sentence that says something like, “Thank you for the lovely fluffy slippers.”

Fluff. Add another sentence or two about how you plan to use the present or what it means to you. Make it as sincere as possible. “I’ll enjoy wearing them on cold days to keep my tootsies warm.”

Closing. Just wrap it up with a simple something like, “Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.”

Thank you notes don’t have to be long and involved, but the simple show of appreciation in written form lets the person know that their gift was received and their thoughtfulness was appreciated. Set a good example by writing them yourself and helping your kids write them too!