Check Out Our Netflix Debut with Girlfriend’s Day on February 14th!

Trailer shot for the Netflix movie Girlfriend's Day. Bob Odenkirk and his co-star Amber Tamblyn ride in a red truck with two ruthless thugs.

CardsDirect has a darker sense of humor this Valentine’s Day…

Forget Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating Girlfriend’s Day – the new Netflix original feature, due to be released on the official holiday of the greeting card companies. And as far as romantic comedies go, it is NOT what you would expect. Dark, sinful, and wildly entertaining, the film follows the escapades of everyone’s favorite lawyer from Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk, as a washed-out greeting card writer who, on the brink of a new holiday, is plunged into a violent and conspiratorial underworld. And we don’t mean to name drop, but if you look closely at the trailer he has a bunch of our greeting cards sitting on his desk!