All about anniversary cards

Summer is wedding season, which also means many of your friends will be celebrating their anniversaries. No matter how long they've been married, they'll appreciate an anniversary card wishing them a continually happy life. With that in mind, here's what to look for in a greeting card and what sentiments to write:

Card Features
Picking out the perfect greeting card can take a little time, especially if you want it to have a certain message. For starters, if you know how long the couple has been married, you can choose a card that includes a certain number of years. This is especially appropriate for milestones, such as 25 or 50 years. In addition to celebrating their marriage, these couples are acknowledging how far they've made it.

You can also add a special touch by choosing a card featuring traditional anniversary gifts. For instance, for the 10-year mark, pick a foil card. Ten is the tin anniversary, so a foil detail will be appropriate. The 13th anniversary usually calls for gifts of lace, so pick stationery with lace-like details.

Finally, look for a card that has a message you feel is appropriate or that you love. If your friends recently got married and you still remember the colors from the event, include those. Any little detail will mean volumes to the couple.

What to write
The message you pen will largely depend on your relationship with the couple. Here are some ideas:

Couples you're close to
If you've known these two for many years and are close friends or family, feel free to get detailed and personal. Write about what you think makes them a great couple or aspects of their relationship you'd like for yourself. You can also reminisce or make inside jokes. At the end, sign off with congratulations and a message of love.

​If you're not very close to the couple anymore but do see them on occassion, write your wishes for their future. For instance, you might say "May you continue to grow together and build a life you love. Congratulations." This message isn't detailed, but it does mean more than a simple "Way to go."

Have co-worker friends at the office who are about to celebrate an anniversary? If so, keep your message short, sweet and work-appropriate. Write in your card that you're happy for your co-worker and you hope the couple has a wonderful future. Don't forget to end with "Congratulations!"

When in doubt
If you're not sure what to write, go the simple route. A generic message of well-wishes and congratulations works in any and all anniversary occasions. For example, write something like "Congratulations on another year of marriage. May the next one be full of happiness and love."

Addressing etiquette 
When mailing anniversary cards, use similar etiquette to addressing a wedding invite. Include both members of the couple. If you want to be formal, you can write "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith." If they have different last names, include both – e.g., "Jane Doe and John Smith."

You can also include honorary titles, such as Dr. or military ranks.