Tips for a Traveling Salesperson

Are you frequently traveling for your job? Life on the road can be tiring, and the last thing you want to do when you finally return home is work. We put together a list of our recommendations on how to use your time on the road to immediately follow up with existing or new customers so you are able to put the laptop away once you return from your trip.

• Print a stash of personalized stationery and thank you cards to keep with you on trips. Your card collection can be kept in your briefcase and immediately used on your way home from a client’s office. The sooner you can get a thank you card in the mail to a potential customer, the sooner you are likely to hear back from them.
• Keep an updated address list for every customer. Pull the addresses from business cards, company websites, or email signatures. Make sure you have access to this list even when flying or taking a shuttle.
• Keep a roll of stamps in your briefcase at all times. Try to mail a thank you card in your customer’s city before you go to the airport.
• Write any follow up emails to customers on the airplane home. If you do not have internet access on your flight, type your emails and save them to drafts. Send them out first thing the next morning.
• Use any additional time you have waiting at hotels or airports to plan for your next trip. Book flights, make dinner reservations, and prepare for upcoming meetings so you will be one step ahead at the next destination.

A traveling sales position can be difficult, but the more work you do on the road, the more time you will have to relax at home.