Christmas Cards Aren't All About Christmas!

Sending holiday cards to customers and business associates is an annual tradition with many companies, but perhaps you’ve avoided this particular area in the past for your own business. Maybe you feel it would be disingenuous to send cards for a “religious” holiday because you are not particularly religious, or maybe you’re afraid your recipients would see it as just another cheap marketing ploy, because “everyone does it”? I must respectfully beg to differ!

As with so many things in life, how you handle a holiday card mailing makes all the difference in how this gesture is perceived by your recipients. A cheap, generic card, sent unsigned with a computer generated mailing label will almost certainly fulfill your worst fears … but a quality card, hand signed and hand addressed, perhaps with a short hand written inscription inside, will almost certainly deliver an entirely different message to the people on your mailing list!

Most businesses thrive on repeat customers and close relationships with suppliers and professional associates. In these situations, it is the small gestures you make that truly reinforce the personal connections that build the loyalty on which your business depends! You would hardly imagine letting a holiday season pass without contacting your good friends and family with a holiday greeting and friendly wish for good fortune in the coming year, and your treasured clientèle and business associates should be no different.

In business, as in family and friendship, it is the relationships you build that will stand the test of time. So, don’t be shy with your sentiments at holiday time! A thoughtfully planned holiday card will not offend anyone on your mailing list, and you’ll be surprised just how many people are genuinely impressed with your gesture! Why not try a Christmas mailing this year, and see what benefits it brings your business in the year to come? You’ll almost certainly be pleasantly surprised!

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