What is a Death Announcement Card?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette,
My aunt said we should send out cards announcing of my father’s passing.  I’ve never heard of doing this.  Can you shed some light on this?
Sylvia S.

Well, Sylvia, while they are not often used, a death announcement can be a way to announce the death of a business colleague or someone who is distantly related to the deceased.

Typically, for close relatives and friends, funeral announcements are word of mouth, or in small towns are printed in the local newspaper the same day.  For distant relatives or business colleagues outside of the inner circle of close friends and family who would not attend the funeral, a death announcement is a good way to announce someone’s passing as well as to announce donations are being taken in that person’s name for a favorite charity.

It is also good for small businesses to send to their clients if their main proprietor has passed away and the business will also fold.

We at CardsDirect very seldom get requests for death announcement cards, but when we do, we recommend a photo card featuring a portrait of the deceased on the front.  On the inside, we recommend listing the date the funeral happened as well as where donations can be sent and the remaining survivors.