Invitation Etiquette- When to Send Them

Are you planning an upcoming event but aren’t quite sure when to put your invitations in the mail? This list will come in handy. To allow plenty of time for attendees to plan and for you to organize, especially if food is involved, here is a guide for sending out your invitations.

3 to 6 weeks:
Birthday invitations
Anniversary party invitations
Formal dinner party invitations

4 weeks:
Christening and Baptism invitations
Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitations
Baby Shower Invitations
Graduation invitations
Holiday party invitations

6 – 8 weeks:
Wedding InvitationsHoliday dinner party invitations

2 – 8 weeks:
Thanksgiving invitations

1 – 4 weeks:
Cocktail party invitations

A few days to 2 – 3 weeks:
Housewarming party invitations
Luncheon invitations
Tea party invitations

Of course, allow enough time to gather mailing addresses and to hand address and prepare the invitations for mailing. Keep in mind that if you are expecting invitees to travel long distances, allow plenty of time for them to make their own travel reservations. Have a great party!

[Source: Emily Post’s Great Get Togethers]