How Do I List Names on a Photo Card?

Dear Ms. Cards Etiquette,

I am sending a New Years photo card of myself and my grandson’s and I am unsure how to sign the card.  Three of my Grandson’s are my son’s children (last name Smith, including myself) and 2 of my grandsons are my daughter’s (last name Jones).  Is it correct that I imprint the photo cards “With love, Grandma Cindy and the Smith grandson’s?”

Thanks so much for your help.
Grandma Cindy

Great question, Grandma Cindy! It is sometimes confusing when you have different last names.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind:  you do need to list your daughter’s last name on the card, otherwise it appears all of the children are only related to your son.

Also, people like to be able to determine the names of who is in the photo they are looking at.  So, if you have enough space — and if you are ordering photo cards from CardsDirect, you should 😉 — I’d list everyone’s name in the order they are in the photograph.

So, let’s assume the 3 that are your son’s are on the left side and the two that are your daughter’s are on the right.  Then, you’d have this:

“With love, Grandma Cindy & her Grandsons:
Tyler, Jason & Thomas Smith
Michael & David Jones”

If you don’t have that much room, or if the children are mixed up in the photo, leave everyone’s last name out of it:

“With love, Grandma Cindy & her Grandsons:
Michael, David, Tyler, Jason & Thomas”
(assuming they are lined up that way in the photograph.)

You can put your name at the beginning since you’re obviously the only Grandma in the picture.

Photo cards are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family at any time of the year.  Happy holidays and have a great New Year!