We Love Our Customers – Here’s How We’re Proving It

The key to a great relationship is transparency. It’s being honest with someone you care about. It’s also being proactive, realizing when changes need to be made and making them. We hear you, customers. And we want to address some of your feedback and main concerns. We want to fight to keep you happy, to show that we appreciate your loyalty. You have given us so much – the praise to keep us going, the constructive criticism for us to grow, and the confidence to excel. Below are some of your shared ideas for the future of our company, and what we are doing to make them happen.

What efforts are we putting into our website to make it more user-friendly?

CardsDirect is making some changes to our website. We have seriously whittled down the number of categories on our homepage to avoid an overly extensive and sometimes confusing left-side menu. In fact, we have gotten rid of that overwhelming left-side menu entirely. While all our card choices are still available, they are being bracketed into more concise and useful classifications in our top-bar menu. However, if you are more comfortable with the older groupings, you are given an option on the homepage to return to the traditional format. We have gone with an overall cleaner and more modern look too, adding responsive touches to improve both your visual and user experience.

We are currently in the process of making our website 100% mobile responsive too. So stay tuned. We will additionally be adding tutorial videos to help answer use-related questions on our site. There is also a customer service chat, a customer service Twitter page, and we always have a knowledgeable team standing by to take your calls.

What efforts are we putting into our card customization tools to make them more user-friendly?

We are also in the process of adding video tutorials here as well. Plus, to create a more streamlined user-experience, we are discussing stripping-down the editor to make its functionality simpler and more direct, ensuring that its most useful tools are front and center.

We are additionally aiming to improve our signature rendering technique by the end of Q2. Many of our customers like to add personal or employee signatures to their cards that are uploaded and placed around the interior card text. We are looking to provide a printable version of the interior of your card for office or home use. This printable version will be an exact match to the card size of your choice and will include (to scale) your interior messaging. You can sign your signatures there, guaranteeing the precise aesthetic outcome of your actual card. Once you have finished adding your signatures, upload the template to your order and voila, a perfect match.

Mailing Service

We have implemented a mailing service. Now you can fill out our template with your list of names and recipient addresses, as well as your return address, choose a font style, and we will send you your addressed envelopes complete with your cards. In the future, we may also be testing a full mailing service – where we address and mail the cards for you.

Free Samples

Just note, if you are trying to decide on cards for your company greeting, holiday, birthday, or personal event, we provide up to four free samples of our various cards – but if for some reason you need more, just ask. Talk to customer service; we’ll see how we can accommodate you.


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Thank you for choosing CardsDirect and for helping us strive to be a better company day after day.