Spice up your stationery collection

Most crafting stores offer customers a wide variety of stationery options, but sometimes you still can’t find that one color or decoration you want. When you settle for the second best option there’s a missing sense of satisfaction when you finally seal the letter and send it through the mail, knowing it could’ve said so much more. If you’ve felt something was absent from your stationery needs, then it’s probably time to rejuvenate your collect with these simple additions:

Personalized stationery
You deserve to have the perfect paper when connecting with loved ones and friends through the mail. Choose the color and design that will best fit your stationery needs. The best part about custom-made cards is that you don’t have to worry about not finding a style you like. Instead, they are made specifically to meet your demands.

Custom Embosser
Give your letters and cards a professional feel with a customized embosser. This handy tool works by embellishing material with raised or indented lettering. A familiar form of this decoration is the traditional wax with an indented design. Have your name or initials added to an embosser along with various design elements, like a flourished or curlicue frame. People will appreciate the added style and effort you put forth in making your card unique.

A variety of stamps
Rubber stamps can serve many different purposes, from creating a clean, professional statement in a card to a business to adding extra decoration with a flower. The options are nearly endless for these wonderful stationery tools. The best part is, you can find one for every occasion. If it’s someone’s birthday, pull out the happy birthday or balloon stamp. If there’s a celebration say congratulations in bold lettering. On the occasions you can’t find the stamp you’re looking for, make it, as demonstrated on Dear Handmade Life. Filling up a card with handwritten text is perfectly fine, but when you want to add some visual appeal, go with a stamp.

Paper punches
Similar to the stamp, paper punches help create an unparalleled look to your stationery. Be sure to use these tools sparingly, though. You don’t want too many holes poking through your cards.

Aside from creating a little cutout, paper punches can be used for a lot more. For instance, depending on the shape, you can save the scraps for other uses, like gluing a little heart onto the corner of a letter or onto the back on an envelope. Another idea involves mounting your letter onto an elaborately designed paper. With the cutout in place, when your friend reads your letter they’ll see the creamy white paper with a pop of color in the corner where the decorative backdrop is on display.

Extra buttons
Whenever you buy a shirt or pants, chances are there is an extra button attached to the clothing somewhere. Instead of throwing it away or setting it somewhere to be lost, keep the buttons in a jar so you can use them later on your cards. A small collage of buttons can be a nice touch to an otherwise ordinary card. If you don’t buy enough clothes to gather an adequate amount of buttons, don’t worry. Secondhand stores and garage sales often have bags or jars of buttons that contain all the shapes and sizes you could ever use.

Lace and ribbon
If you want your card to have a bit of an old-time feel, partially cover it with a layer of lace or ribbon. Spools of this material can be found at any craft store, or try repurposing old articles of clothing for your ribbon and lace needs. Another way to use this decorative item is to insert small holes around the boarder of your cardstock, and then thread the material through the holes. The use of lace and ribbon, as well as the other items mentioned, will help revamp your stationery collection.