Dress up your envelopes

Thank you cards, birthday cards, party invitations, etc., aren’t complete without an envelope. But you don’t have to settle for using those boring, plain white envelopes. In fact, the envelope itself can be just as beautiful as the card inside. When the recipient is sorting through their stack of mail, your colorful and personalized envelope will stand out. Take your envelopes from boring to gorgeous with these decorating ideas:

Washi tape
If you don’t already have washi tape, I recommend picking some up from the craft store. This crafting tool is incredibly versatile and can be used on anything from cards to furniture. A blank envelope would surely benefit from this colorfully patterned tape. You can cover the entire envelope with washi tape or only use a few pieces to adorn the edges – it’s up to you.

Envelope liners
Envelope liners have become more and more popular over the years, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. But what are envelope liners? They are pre-cut liners that can be attached to the inside flap of your envelope. When the flap is opened up, the liner makes a colorful and beautiful first impression. These liners are often patterned and coordinate with the color of the envelope. Photos can make spectacular envelope liners as well. If your son or daughter is graduating from high school, the inside flap of the envelope is a unique location to showcase a picture of them.

  • If you don’t have any envelope liners, you can dress up the inside of your envelope using personalized stamps. Make sure that the stamp fits the theme of the event (e.g., a baby shower could use an adorable stork or pacifier stamp). Stamping the inside of your envelopes is so simple, but provides a special touch.

Custom embossers
Make your mark on the back of your envelopes using a custom embosser. This tool elegantly engraves your monogram, return address or signature onto your envelope. This is such a quick and easy way to address your envelopes, and will save you time if you have a big stack in front of you.

Lace or ribbon
Add some texture to your envelope by wrapping a piece of lace, twine or satin ribbon around it. Doing so is like providing the finishing touch to your card, similar to putting a bow on top of a gift.