Decoration ideas for your stationery

Coming up with new and creative ways to decorate your cards can be a difficult task. However, there are plenty of fun and simple ideas you can use to spruce up your stationery. Here are a few paper design ideas you can use the next time you make a card:

Yes, it’s a strange name, but there’s no denying the beautiful artwork people create using the Zentangle method. To make a zentangle design, all you need is paper, pencil and a black pen. Using the pencil, sketch out a variety of shapes on you paper – they can overlap or lay side-by-side. Use the black pen to trace the swoops and swirls you’ve copied onto the paper. A fine-tipped pen works best for this artform so you have plenty of control and can add tiny decorations.

After your outline is complete, use the pen to draw patterns into each space. You’ll want to use a different design in nearly every space. If you start on a project and think it looks strange, don’t stop. The random sketches will become quite eye-catching by the time the whole paper has been filled.

Washi tape
Create a simple border or pattern on your stationery with washi tape. This craft tool comes in a variety of colors and designs. Use some washi tape to place a floral frame around your message or implement the tape when making a handmade envelope. The extra color will enhance the overall appearance of your note while giving you a quick and easy decoration.

Weaving ribbons
Add a textured pattern to the outside of your personalized stationery by taking two different ribbon colors or patterns and weaving them together across the cover of your card. Try using various widths to create a diverse look on each card.

Creative stamps
If you have ink sitting around your house, use it! You don’t need a rubber stamp to create a cool design or image on a piece of paper. Experiment with common household items you have lying around. For example, the bottom of a soda bottle can create a flower shape. You could also buy your own rubber and a cutting tool to make your very own stamps.

If you like, clean, smooth lines then investing in stencils would be a good idea. Using these, you can add a variety of decorations and designs to your stationery. You could even pair these guides with another design idea. For example, use a variety of stencils to create sharp shapes and patterns across the paper and then fill them in with the Zentangle method mentioned earlier.

Another option is to stencil a shape and then fill it in with ink, paint or other embellishments.

Illuminated borders
Insert a subtle design into your letters and cards by decorating them with delicate borders. Use swirls and small flowers to adorn the edges of the paper. Make these delicate embellishments stand out with tiny flecks of color, as well. Shades of gold and silver are light but can have a big impact on the overall look of the piece.

You should also try different types of border. For instance, maybe you want to decorate the margins of the paper, or perhaps you only want to bedeck the sides of the stationery. Experiment with a variety of designs and border options until you find one you like. You can implement this on both your cards and the envelopes.

When your friends receive the beautifully adorned stationery you created, they’ll know you took a lot of time to send them something special.