Creative ways to make address labels

When you’re writing a letter to a friend or a loved one, you usually don’t need to use an address label. Since you’re only dealing with one or two cards, taking the time to write the mailing addresses by hand is not that difficult. However, for bulk messages you’ll definitely want to use something that is faster and easier.

For instance, if you are planning a party or getting married, you’ll be sending out a large amount of wedding or party invitations. Trying to write all of these address by hand will give you a cramp and take a lot of time. Make this process effortless by creating beautiful address labels that you can pull out whenever you need.

Making your address labels
You can create your address labels using a variety of creative methods. Whatever style you decide to use, just make sure the design matches your stationery and the overall look of your message. Here are a few ideas to use the next time you need to make labels:

1. Print sticky labels
If you have a large amount of letters to send out, your best option might be peel and stick labels. You can easily make these using Excel, Word and blank address labels. Now, while these do make the process easier, you’re limited designs you can create. If you just want to make basic address stickers, then this is a good option.

2. Use a stamp
It never hurts to have a personalized address stamp for your own house. You’ll be able to use this stamp on any letter you send out. The best part about a rubber stamp label is that you can easily add designs and change the fonts, as well. Rubber stamps might not be the best choice when addressing the envelopes, but it’s definitely useful for creating your return address.

3. Create paper tags
If you want to create address labels for a large list of people, then try simply creating a document that prints the locations along with designs onto a piece of paper. You can then cut out each label and stick it to the designated envelope. This adds an interesting dimension to the overall look and will also allow you to use decorative labels for each person.

4. Get a personalized embosser
Like a stamp, a personalized embosser can be used to add your return address to envelopes. However, an embosser creates an interesting raised portion to the paper instead of leaving ink behind, and it also looks really clean and professional. If you want to give your cards an interesting texture, this might be a good idea to try.

Writing address by hand is always thoughtful when you’re sending a message to a few people. However, for bigger jobs, avoid the hassle and choose an option that allows you to create addresses in bulk. You’ll save yourself a lot of time this way, and your hand won’t be as tired by the time everything is addressed.