4 reasons to learn calligraphy

Writing letters is an enjoyable pastime, but why not give your writing some real character by learning the art of calligraphy? Your card recipients will enjoy the beautiful writing your letters contain and you can boast a new skill. If you’re not yet convinced, there are plenty of other reasons why you should learn the art of calligraphy:

Gain notice
When you go in for a job interview, it’s proper business etiquette to send thank you cards to your potential employer. However, many other applicants will also be sending cards to the office, so you need to make yours stand out in a professional way. Calligraphy is the perfect answer to this dilemma because it will get your card noticed while still looking sharp, The Postman’s Knock says. Employers will be impressed by your calligraphy skills and will also be more likely to remember your name when it’s hiring time.

Relieve stress
Calligraphy is an awesome hobby to adopt because it’s inexpensive, it’s creative and it can relieve stress, My Well-Being says. When you practice your letters, you’ll be able to concentrate on the activity at hand and other worries will be pushed aside. This hobby is particularly handy on rainy days or when you’re traveling because you can practice it any time and anywhere.

Start a business
You might be surprised to realize this, but people will actually pay for your calligraphy skills. When it comes to weddings, for instance, couples usually like calligraphy on their wedding invitations or thank you notes. People enjoy having unique cards, and for this they will pay another person to handwrite their wedding invitations. If you get good enough at calligraphy, try turning it into a marketable skill like many freelance calligraphy writers.

Improve handwriting
If anything, you should try learning calligraphy to improve your handwriting. With the popularity of computers, people aren’t required to handwrite information anymore. Don’t let your handwriting become rusty and illegible simply because you don’t use it very often. Keep your writing abilities sharp and easily read by frequently working on your calligraphy skills.

Learning calligraphy can be an intimidating task. You might believe you don’t have the skill or talent to the script, but this just isn’t true. The only things you really need to learn this art are the correct supplies and a lot of patience. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and this has never been more true with calligraphy. You already know how to write, but learning how to keep a steady hand and how to wield your pen correctly will take a little time. However, overall, learning this craft has many benefits and purposes, from business to entertainment.